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Awesome Facilities!
Awesome Facilities! My earlier experiences in rehab have been very terrible, but Drug Rehab Georgia gave me hope. They gave me all of the skills I need to have a successful recovery.
, Augusta Sep 22, 2011

The Absolute Best Rehab Ever!
The Absolute Best Rehab Ever! Since everyone I knew, for as long as I can remember, has been using drugs, it doesn’t feel bizarre or wrong at all. I believed that if I shot up and got drug enough I'd feel happy and be part of the group, but I only got closer to rock bottom, felt unhappier, and even more lonely the more I used. Even after I tried to get myself clean it didn't ever work. Finally I went to Drug Rehab Georgia, and almost right away I could just tell the people actually cared for me, and they would be able to assist me. It’s because of them that I’m healthy today!
, Augusta Jun 20, 2012

Awesome Team and Services!
Awesome Team and Services! I remember and feel regret about numerous things I’ve done, and I particularly feel remorseful about how much of my life I wasted on drugs and alcohol. However, I don’t feel sorry about a single day that I spent at Drug Rehab Georgia. I have trust that I will be able to stay healthy because of them.
, Augusta Feb 18, 2012

Determined and skilled employees
Experienced and Professional Counselors! Before I sought treatment, I didn't ever think I had a problem, or I thought other people were the problem. After years of using, I was sent to the hospital for an infection, and I started wondering about myself. I came to Drug Rehab Georgia all prepared to not even try and leave, but I’m so happy I didn’t. However, I truly reacted positively to their compassionate and empathetic employees, the fantastic facilities, and their designed treatment programs. I am clean these days thanks to their determined and skilled employees, and the unique care encouragement they showed to me.
, Augusta Apr 15, 2012

They Saved My Life!
They Saved My Life! I can’t believe how painful my life could be without rehab. Thanks to Drug Rehab Augusta, I am part of my amazing children’s and husband’s lives.
, Augusta Dec 25, 2011

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